High School

At Star College, our High School offers subjects chosen specifically for University Preparation, ensuring that each boy can do subjects according to his particular strengths.

From Grade 8 onwards, students compete in Olympiads at an International level, as we send selected students abroad to compete at International Olympiads.

We also offer free Saturday tuition and numerous other extra classes to assist all our students to achieve to the best of their ability.

Subjects offered:
General Education and Training Phase: (Grade 8 & 9)
• English Home Language
• First Additional Language (Afrikaans or Sepedi)
• Mathematics
• Natural Sciences
• Social Sciences (History & Geography)
• Economic and Management Sciences
• Arts & Culture
• Technology
• Life Orientation
• Turkish
• Computer

FET Phase (Grades 10 – 12):
•  Compulsory Subjects:
•  English Home Language
•  First Additional Language (Afrikaans or Sepedi)
•  Life Orientation
•  Mathematics / Mathematical Literacy
•  Additional Subjects (Choose 4 or more)
•  Physical Science
•  Accounting
•  Life Sciences (Biology)
•  Business Studies
•  Information Technology (IT)
•  Computer Application Technology (CAT)
•  History
•  Additional Maths
•  Religion Studies

Extra Tuition
Star College educators provide FREE Tuition and OLYMPIAD training to assist our learners.
Possible tuition times:

Every day after school (15:00-16:00)
Every Saturday 9:00-13:00
Star College Pretoria is an Independent, English Medium School, established by Horizon Educational Trust. We follow the Curriculum from the Department of Education and aim to be academically strong, producing excellent results in the National Matric exams as well as National and International Mathematics, Science and Computer Olympiads
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