Olympiad Training

Besides school lessons, Star College Pretoria pays great attention to NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL Olympiad studies and Project competitions.

At Star College Pretoria our learners extend their knowledge far beyond the classroom and the general curriculum Therefore, we pride ourselves in encouraging all our learners to participate in as many Olympiads as possible.

There are a number of Olympiad study branches at the school. Students and teachers work hard to attain the best results both at national and international levels.

- SA Maths Olympiad
- AMEESA Maths Olympiad
- SAASTA Natural Sciens Olympiad
- SAASTE Physical Science Olympiad
- SA Computer Olympiad
- SA English Language Olympiad
- SA Afrikaans Language Olympiad
- University of Pretoria Maths Olympiad
- Eskom Expo for Young Inventors
- USA Genius Olympiad
- Romania Infomatrix Computer Olympiad
- Kenya Golden Climate Environmental Project Competition
- WRO World Robotics Olympiad (LEGO)

Being a member of the Olympiad group gives great prestige to the learners.

Participation of certain Olympiad is compulsory for all learners. Learners will be issued a separate report showing their progress in the various Olympiads.
Star College Pretoria is an Independent, English Medium School, established by Horizon Educational Trust. Our Grade 12s write the Independent Examination administered by the IEB. We still follow the CAPS curriculum, placing emphasis on application of knowledge, critical thinking and reasoning beyond the textbook. Therefore, preparing our GrRR-12s to be ready for the comprehensive IEB Examinations as well as life after school.
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